Stanley Ho, Godfather of Gambling World

To gain fame from a game is nowadays easily possible but becoming a billionaire from scratch in the world of gambling has been a big ask in the past.

But one man stands out tall in the history of Hong Kong who did this wonder in the gambling world, beating all odds.

Mr. Stanley Ho Hung-sun, also known as Godfather and King in the world of gambling.

Hung-sun managed to hold the Macau betting industry for almost 75 years.  

Stanley maintained a high-quality life with wealth, respect and fame.

He invested his earned money in many ventures other than gambling which directly or indirectly provided a great boost to the Hong Kong economy.

He has been known as the man of principles that made him prominent among all other champs of that time.  


Early Struggle in gambling

Despite being labeled as a Class-D category student with low-grade academic performance, he earned a scholarship despite Class-D in Hong Kong.

He started his career on a very low profile by working in the clerical department in the import and export industry. He was smuggling luxury goods at the Chinese border when World War II broke out as well.  


Turning Point 

His life took a U-turn when he bid for Macau franchises with the help of his business tycoon, Henry Fok,

and his brother-in-law; he put in their bidding by offering at a  high rate with a promising plan to develop tourism

and infrastructure, which brought luck to his door.

Along with his team, he managed to win this public tender in 1961 for the Macau gaming monopoly license against the Fu family.  


Achievements and Holdings with gambling


We can say that Mr. Ho never looked back in his career afterward.

He owned 19 casinos that are well equipped with the latest online casino trends in the market under SJM Holdings and MGM Macau Grand Lisboa.

He made Macau the best and most lucrative gambling destination in the world.

Stanley ruled Hong Kong’s 70% economy for many years.

He has his footprints in politics by being a member of the selection committee of Hong Kong’s special administrative region.   


Personal Life 

Having good fortune by getting marry to four women and a big family having 17 children. 

Being an expert in dancing, he has achieved excellence in the Tango, cha-cha-cha, and waltz. He used to perform dancing for fundraising events on TV shows.

He also served as patron of Hong Kong ballet and many other international organizations,

including the famous Royal Academy of Dance. He got ill in early 2000, and later, he died at the age of 98 due to falling health followed by a brain stroke in the hospital in the year 2020.